The Diverter


2 minute read 21 November 2019 reflections

Hello all,

Welcome to my blog!

I’ll be writing here about stuff I am curious about, usually orbiting around education, computer science, mathematics, and augmented reality, but also some more random things attracting my attention.

The main focus of the blog will be learning: how do we learn new things? can we learn anything? can we make learning easier? how does the brain work (or doesn’t work)? Exploring these things helps me understand myself and others better, and I hope it can help you grow as well!


Series l’An 2000 - Jean-Marc Cotte and Villemard

I don’t consider myself an expert on all these topics, just a curious investigator, so I hope these articles can open discussions to grow deeper understanding together! Feel free to reach out and express your opinion as well.

A bit about me now: I’m working between computer science and learning sciences, trying to build augmented reality applications to teach mathematics. More generally, I love building stuff and reading books, and I am learning skating these days, so you might see a few skating references dropping in there. Last but not least: I have two adorably evil cats who might show their fluffiness from time to time.

I hope you’ll have a nice time here, and that these articles will make you curious as well!


The Diverter