Reconnecting mind and body

For thousands of years, we, human beings, have been exploring the world relying mostly on our senses and our capacity to move. Nowadays, still, our bodies play an important role in how we perceive and interact with the environment, and, in particular, our…

11 minute read 05 August 2020 education


The Tale of a Scared Predicting Machine

In previous articles, we started discussing what learning is about and techniques to learn more efficiently. But is learning always a good thing? And in particular, can we learn wrong? There are so many aspects to these questions that I decided to focus o…

9 minute read 31 March 2020 education

My Learning Toolbox

A DIY kit to help your learning

Hei Fancy Folks! Today is a bit different! This month I have been following Barbara Oakley's class “Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects”, and at the end of the course, we were asked to design a tool to help other…

5 minute read 21 February 2020 education

Productive Failure

Revisiting the meaning of failure

When a child learns how to walk, they fall several times before succeeding, and we see this as normal. If you have a bit of evil in you, like I do, you might laugh a little. But, even if you are able to walk, you would not come up with thoughts like “This…

13 minute read 07 February 2020 education

The Metaphors of Learning

The importance of talking about learning & How to do that

We are all learning experts. We have been learning since we were born, to survive, to grow, to adapt. It’s a consequence of or a motivation for all our actions. We are sent to school for years, we are asked to learn from our mistakes, and to experience ne…

16 minute read 09 January 2020 education

Augmented Reality

What is real anyway?

When I discuss Augmented Reality projects with people, I often realize that this concept is not clear to everybody. So, let’s talk a bit about Augmented Reality! Human beings have been fantasizing about mixing virtual worlds into the real world for decade…

13 minute read 03 December 2019 tech

The Diverter


Hello all, Welcome to my blog! I’ll be writing here about stuff I am curious about, usually orbiting around education, computer science, mathematics, and augmented reality, but also some more random things attracting my attention. The main focus of the bl…

2 minute read 21 November 2019 misc